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The company was founded in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England in late 2002 by two professional biologists, Drs Hugh and Nicola Loxdale, both with wide experience in scientific writing and editing. They share a great love of the natural world and the countryside.


Hugh and Nicola have travelled extensively throughout the world, both in their professional capacity and during vacations, visiting a diverse range of countries, temperate and tropical, and observing the  wildlife of these regions. It was the appreciation of the fantastic array of life forms that ultimately inspired the founding of Brambleby Books and the coining of our Company’s motto ‘Inspiration through Nature’.


In addition to publishing natural history works, we are also especially interested in forging greater and more realistic links between the arts and sciences, so often perceived (we believe wrongly) as very different spheres. In terms of the poetry we have published to date, or plan to publish, we are especially interested in contemporary voices. This is because much previously published nature poetry rarely concerns, or indeed considers, the overwhelming scientific evidence for evolution as the force governing speciation in nature.


Privacy Policy Statement from Brambleby Books Ltd.

Brambleby Books Ltd, founded in 2002 by two professional biologists, produces and publishes books on all aspects of natural history, including about biodiversity and environmental issues, and poetry. We are especially interested in the interphase between science and the arts. Our raison d’etre is to inform, educate and entertain as wide an audience as possible as to the benefits of observing, recording, studying and conserving wildlife in all its diverse forms.

The company is registered in England and Wales under 6120836 and the registered address is 15 Lyngford Square, Taunton, TA2 7ES, UK. The Data Protection Officer is Nicola Loxdale, and you can contact us at info@bramblebybooks.co.uk. Brambleby Books Ltd. is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under Z7887070.

AUTHORS/ILLUSTRATORS:  The personal data you provide us via the contract (name and address) and a Brambleby Books questionnaire (name, address, telephone number, birthdate) is confidential and stored safely on our computer systems and we will not release this to any third party who- or whatsoever without your consent. The data is used to communicate with you, to use it for promotion of you and your book. Your personal photographs that you send us will be used solely in the production and promotion of your work with us, i.e. within the text of the book or back cover, with your knowledge and agreement, and on our website, again with your knowledge and agreement. Should you, at any time, wish for your date and/or photographs (portraits or those taken at functions such as book launches, book fairs, etc.) be removed please contact us. Bank data information for payment of royalties are not stored on our computer but with our bank only.

CUSTOMERS (website, phone, post): You provide us with the personal data (name, billing and delivery address, e-mail, telephone number) necessary to purchase our books and have them delivered. This information is securely stored on our computer systems and we will not provide this to any third party who- or whatsoever without your consent. Your name and address is shared with our warehouse who will process your orders. Your email address or in case of postal customers your name and address is used only to send marketing material, and this is only done with your consent. 

JOB APPLICANTS Your personal information (name, address and email) are stored safely on our computer, they are solely used for communication with you and are shared with a third party with your consent only.

SUBMISSIONS OF MANUSCRIPTS Your personal data received by post or email are stored safely on our computer, they are solely used for communication with you and are shared with a third party with your consent only.

MAILING LIST Your name on our mailing list was obtained either by telephone, email or by post with your consent. We supply your email address to the marketing campaign service provider ymlp. If you want to unsubscribe please contact us by email info@bramblebybooks.co.uk. We use the list to send you our newsletter, updates on our publications, events and special offers.

THIRD PARTIES Your details may be shared with our warehouse, our freelance designers, our freelance accountant and/or our associated banks to process your orders, as well as companies linked to the functioning of our website (hosting and operating). For marketing purposes, we will share some of your data and if necessary will obtain your consent.

SECURITY The data is stored on our PCs at our office with regular updates on external drives, physical and digital security of our equipment and devices is secured by using appropriate password protection and encryption. We try to reduce the information we hold as much as possible and it will be kept until 2 years after the relationship ended.

YOUR RIGHTS You may ask us not to process your personal data for marketing purposes; to request access to the information that we hold about you; and in certain circumstances the right to ask us to stop processing information about you. From 25th May 2018 onwards you may lodge a complaint about us to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (https://ico.org.uk/); and withdraw your consent for our use of your information.


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