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Fantastic Natural History blogs 


• Professor Brain's blog:



General Natural History links


• The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds:

• The Royal Entomological Society:


• English Nature listing national nature reserves:











Websites of our Artists and other great Nature Photographers


• Stefano Caporali:

• Chris Gomersall:


• Tristan Bantock:


• Ray Wilson:


• Deb Gillett:


• Laura Swale:


• Robert Pickett:


• Sam Clark:


• Isla Woiwod:


Useful General Poetry Links


• The Poetry Society:

• The People's Poet:

The place to be if you like reading and writing poetry.

• The British Library:

The British Library has extensive collections of poetry in many languages and from all periods up to the present.





Walking with Birds
Walking with Birds

A nature walk through a Cumbrian Valley
Making Garden Meadows
Making Garden Meadows

A practical guide  to creating a beautiful native wildflower meadow or a colourful area of cornfield annuals, in even the smallest of gardens.
Buzzing!  (paperback)
Buzzing! (paperback)

A potpourri of fun poems about small garden creatures and their colour portraits.