Rings in the Shingle

Rings in the Shingle

Images and poems about wildlife at the north Norfolk coast. 

Rings in the Shingle is a sparkling mixture of poetry, prose and colour photography about wildlife you find at the north Norfolk Coast. An enchanting souvenir and gift such that all may bring a bit of Norfolk home. This is the first book in the series of Encounters with Norfolk Wildlife.


Author: Stuart Medland
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 2014
Format and Pages: Hardback, 72pp
ISBN: 9781908241160
Retail Price: £18
Our Discount Price: £16.20

Sample text from Rings in the Shingle

Tube nose

Sitting soft – his

Dodo’s beak is


culinary and


Swiss Army


North Atlantic


handy personal

filtration plant.

His, a thirst for the

whole of the Sea

to fire back its

salt at the Sun.

Nothing like a gull.

Only like an

albatross – its

egg beneath our

boating lake –

the Southern

Ocean’s loss




Cormorant passes unwaterproofly by

On fingertips

that only hold on to his drips –

Determined not to

catch my eye


Looking for a handy

(groyne’s end


Place to dry

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